Third party pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh – Innovexia Lifesciences

In Chandigarh, a third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company
Innovexia Life Science is a leading ISO certified third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Chandigarh. We produce a diverse range of product lines and segments in ISO certified production facilities. As a Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturer, we provide the finest third party pharma manufacturing services in Chandigarh for the benefit of consumers. We provide original and inventive packaging, as well as packaging material conception, to meet all of our customers’ needs.
Pharma Franchise Business -Innovexia LifesciencesOur organisation employs specialists who assist us in providing the finest Third Party Manufacturing services in Chandigarh, which is one of our most notable and admired characteristics. Our years of affiliation in the pharmaceutical sector have earned us recognition both domestically and internationally, and have aided us in retaining satisfied clients via our value-added services. We, at Innovexia Life Sciences, provide a range of contract manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals in Chandigarh.
Apart from that, we provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products. Contract Manufacturing of Capsules, Tablets, Injections, and Eye Drops is being considered, as well as the development of MDC’s own product line. Quality Assurance is an excellent technique that any pharmaceutical third party manufacturing firm in Chandigarh should use. If there is the highest level of quality assurance, we may achieve the highest level of client satisfaction. All medications that we organise at our firm are thoroughly inspected by several quality divisions prior to shipment to the final market.
Pharmaceutical Products Manufactured by Third Parties
Innovexia Life Science has always been committed to developing higher-quality pharmaceutical formulations. We distribute approximately 500 distinct medication formulations to various areas of the pharmaceutical business. With our services of top third party pharma manufacturing in Chandigarh, we are continually aiming to give the greatest selection of pharmaceuticals on the market. We are well-known for our customer-centric approach, ensuring that our partners get high-quality, long-lasting, effective, dependable, and safe solutions. Our whole assortment is DCGI approved and FSSAI certified.
To develop our unit’s well-being, protection, and cleanliness, we persistently educate our team. Although, chipping away at new conventions and tools to increase our company’s standard operating procedures and quality assurance is ideal. We are always one step ahead of our adversaries. We provide 100 percent assured product distribution channels that are incredibly beneficial to our customers.
Among the major segments we produce are the following:
Capsules en gel
Powdered proteins
Innovexia Life Science provides 100 percent quality assurance for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
As the leading third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing firm in Chandigarh, we provide our clients with 100 percent quality guarantee. As a leading pharmaceutical producer, we adhere to stringent quality standards to ensure that the produced goods satisfy the specified quality specifications. Our first concern is the product’s quality, since it is directly tied to the health of our consumers. Our production staff works relentlessly to meet client demand by providing a high-quality selection at affordable prices. We realise the significance of money, which is why we provide the finest third manufacturing services in Chandigarh.
Innovexia Lifesciences - Top pharma company in Chandigarh baddiSeveral significant actions have been made by us, including the following:
The product is checked many times against stringent screening criteria.
The quality management staff closely monitors each stage of the production process, from raw materials to finished product packaging.
Our organisation meticulously monitors the pH value, adverse effects, efficacy, freshness, and purity, among other critical factors.
Reasons to Partner with Us in Chandigarh for Third Party Manufacturing
Innovexia Life Science is a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Chandigarh, providing high-quality pharmaceuticals in GMP-WHO-certified facilities. We have around 100+ customers spread over India. We create items in volume, which helps your firm save money on manufacturing and labour costs.
Several of our company’s most distinguishing characteristics include the following:
High-Tech Equipment – We have several production facilities that have been authorised by international authorities to manufacture pharmaceuticals in every category. Additionally, the factories are equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly modern gear to guarantee the highest quality third-party pharmaceutical production in Chandigarh.
Effective Services – As a leading third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in Chandigarh, we offer operational services such as product delivery on time, sales, and marketing for your company. By enlisting our assistance, you have sufficient time to consider how to improve your business’s marketing strategy with additional ideas.
Expand Your Business on a Shoestring Budget – We give you with a chance to expand your business endeavour on a shoestring budget. We strive to develop the greatest product possible for our consumers in order to assist them in launching a successful company.
Delivery in a Secure and Timely Manner As we are all aware of the critical nature of time in the pharmaceutical sector, we have partnered with the top logistics firm in India that is very responsible and committed to delivering items on time. All medications are thoroughly sanitised and then securely delivered to your location without delay.

ADDRESS : Industrial Build Up Unit No. 1411, Sector 82, JLPL, Mohali, chandigarh, india.

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Third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Baddi – Innosearch Biotech

Innosearch Biotech - top pharma companyIn Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, there are many third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that are WHO GMP certified (India)
A pharmaceutical expert looking for the greatest pharmaceutical drug factory in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, may find what they’re looking for here. If you answered yes, then Innoserch Biotech ( a division of Innovexia Lifesciences Pvt Ltd) will be the ideal alternative for you to choose from among the available options. Our company is one of the most reputable third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing firms in Baddi, and They manufacture a wide variety of goods for our valued customers and the most prestigious pharmaceutical corporations in the country on a yearly basis. Innoserch Biotech has its manufacturing facilities based in Baddi and has its own production facility. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, they are able to produce a diverse range of pharmaceutical formulations. Innoserch Biotech  is a well-known WHO GMP Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturer in Baddi, Rajasthan (India). For the last few years, the firm has been involved in the production of more than 500 pharmaceutical formulations. As well as being in compliance with WHO GMP guidelines, the firm has also been following ISO cGMP-GLP guidelines. They  deal with a wide variety of dosage forms, including capsules, tablets, dry injections, liquid syrups, dry syrups, ophthalmic solutions, and so on.
If you are looking for greater business chances in the pharmaceutical industry, please contact them. Alternatively, you can submit enquiry.

Manufacturers of third-party pharmaceuticals in Baddi

Innoserch Biotech is one of the most reputable third-party pharmaceutical manufacturers in Baddi.
pcd pharma franchise in chandigarhInnoserch Biotech is the only third-party drug manufacturing in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, and it employs around 100 people. To create high-quality goods for our country’s ordinary people, we’re covering practically all of the fields of medicine production and going through the numerous ailments that exist. Our clientele are well-known and reputable companies, which is why our firm is highly-regarded on international platforms as well as in the United States. It is very difficult for a new company or a startup to develop a fully functional pharmaceutical manufacturing facility from scratch. No need to be concerned since Innoserch Biotech is accessible for all types of production of high-quality goods that are noteworthy in terms of quality and are widely utilised by a wide range of worldwide clientele.

Is it possible to get Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Service?

We are swiftly approaching the milestones of success with the support of our customers, which has been made possible by our commitment to our work, our belief in the quality of our products, and our confidence in the production method that They have implemented. In Himachal Pradesh, They have competent medical experts and pharmaceutical personnel working for Third Party Pharma Manufacturer Companies that are very devoted to their jobs. Our whole crew is dedicated to the job at hand, which may include product manufacture, safety testing, and the study of numerous high-quality ingredients.


Innoserch Biotech is one of the most reputable third-party pharmaceutical manufacturers in Baddi.
As one of the leading Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies in Himachal Pradesh, They make every effort to manufacture every product while maintaining the highest level of cost control. This ensures that our clients get high-quality goods at an accessible price. We are not in a competitive world since our efficiency speaks for itself in terms of results. Many Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies in Baddi are engaged in the business of third party manufacturing, but when it comes to Innoserch Biotech, this is not the case. Since serving the client with confidence is the firm’s fundamental principle, the company demonstrates to its customers that the extensive variety of our goods will serve them in a much more beneficial manner.
This will not only assist the patients, but it will also bring several advantages to our clients, who will get delivery of these items and sell them out in their respective territories. We believe that the outstanding and international level of our quality items will increase your client success rate.

What are the benefits of working with Innoserch Biotech as your third-party manufacturing partner?

Virtuous Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Baddi who are certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and World Health Organization (WHO).
It complies with all applicable government regulations and is an ISO recognised company.
Our customers will get lifelong customer service from us.
Bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise over many years to serve you better.
Since decades, we’ve been collaborating with a variety of foreign nations.
Quality Control and Assurance.
Policies that are beneficial to customers
On-Time Delivery is a priority.
Pricing Policy That Is Reasonable and Affordable
Get a list of Innoserch Biotech’ DCGI-approved pharmaceutical formulations by contacting the company.
  1. TabletsCapsules
  2. Syrups that are not wet
  3. Injections without water
  4. Injections of Liquid
  5. Drops for the eyes
  6. Antibiotics
  7. Syrups in a liquid form
  8. Softgel Capsules are a kind of capsule that contains a softgel.
  9. Protein Powder is a kind of powder that contains protein.
  11. Suspensions

Cons of working with the top Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company in Baddi .

The cost of manufacturing the product will be reduced, and They will give you with a cost-effective selection of medications and pharmaceuticals, which will be a blessing for your future expansion.
As it has been stated, time is money, and They would like to emphasise that They will save you valuable time by assembling a team, obtaining government permissions, and complying with all legal requirements associated with creating a unit on your behalf. We will take care of the whole process for you and provide a finished product that is ready to sell to your customers.
Address : Plot No: 1411, Sector 82, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055
Website :

Top 10 Herbal and Ayurvedic pharma franchise and manufacturer in India – HerboAnz Pharma

Top 10 Herbal Companies in India – Herbal companies are gaining so much of limelight in the Indian Pharmaceutical market. It is believed that herbal products do not have any side-effects and they are very effective. There are several ayurvedic companies in India and here we have brought up the top 10 herbal companies in India in the following.

Ayurveda is one of the ancient tradition to heal different health problems in our country India. Indian Ayurveda industry has become one of the fastest growing industry with numerous range of products. If you are the one who wants to start your business in the herbal industry and searching for the best 10 ayurvedic companies then no need to search further. Here we have mentioned all the details about the top herbal companies of India.


Submit Enquiry for pharma franchise and third party manufacturing at


HerboAnz : Top Herbal  and Ayurvedic pharma franchise company  in Bihar

We are a pharmaceutical MANUFACTURE company dealing into multidimensional range of pharmaceutical products. We have a dedicated team of professionals with us assisting in our work. We are looking for Pharma PCD/Franchise.

HerboAnz is top herbal and ayurvedic pharmaceutical franchise company in Bihar India.

HerboAnz Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading National Herbal healthcare Companies in India which was established in the year 2019. The main motive of the ayurvedic firm is to provide high-quality herbal healthcare products to improve the quality of life. HerboAnz Pharmaceuticals comes in the category of top ayurvedic third-party manufacturing companies in India due to the best quality herbal production. The main services offered by this company are contract manufacturing, third party manufacturing and PCD Franchise opportunity for pharma professionals. Presently this herbal manufacturing company is producing more than 100 special ayurvedic medicines.


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ayurvedic and hearbal franchise company in chandigarh baddi

HerboAnz : Top Herbal  and Ayurvedic Company Companies in Uttar Pradesh


‘HerboAnz’ has become one of the most trusted names in the Indian herbal cosmetics industry. Since the year 2019, the company has been taking utmost care of our beauty with its vast line of products that are 100% natural and safe. Years of research, rare Himalayan herbs, best ayurvedic compositions, and superior pharmaceutical technology are some of the specialties of this brand. HerboAnz is top herbal and ayurvedic pharmaceutical franchise company in Uttar Pradesh (UP) India.

Product Range:  Face care (cleansers or washes, scrubs, masks, toners, moisturizers, fairness, eye care, lip care and special treatment products),  Body care (lotions, creams and soaps), Hand care, Foot care, Hair care (oils, shampoos, conditioners and creams).


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top pharma franchise company in chandigarh for ayurvedic product and herbal range

HerboAnz : Top Herbal  and Ayurvedic Company Companies in Chandigarh

We all know Chandigarh is well developed city in India and earn maximum income every year. This is a land of opportunities, every business gets success here. It is the best place to invest your money. It is the Union territory of India and capital of two states of India i.e. Punjab and Haryana which means no. of hospitals are quite good here and so as healthcare facilities.

HerboAnz is top herbal and ayurvedic pharmaceutical franchise company in chandigarh India.

Due to auxiliary awareness of Ayurvedic products, treatment in the people of Chandigarh the demand for ayurvedic products has been increased here which has increased the profitable scope of ayurvedic pharma franchise opportunities in Chandigarh. So in if you are planning on to invest your money in this particular field then Chandigarh definitely is the ideal place for it.


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Top Herbal  and Ayurvedic Company Companies in chandigarh - india

HerboAnz : Top Herbal  and Ayurvedic Company Companies in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh)

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in Baddi – Baddi is a hub of numerous ayurvedic manufacturing companies. Many ayurvedic manufacturing companies have established to meet the demand of pharma companies. Ayurvedic is an old way of curing the diseases and healing the mind, due to its effectiveness it is widely used by today’s generation.

HerboAnz is top herbal and ayurvedic pharmaceutical franchise company in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) India.

The pharma companies are opting third-party manufacturing services to hold a good control over the pharma market. Navayur Herbals is listed top in the list of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in Baddi. The company is engaged in manufacturing of all the herbal and ayurvedic products.

Top Herbal  and Ayurvedic Company Companies in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) 

HerboAnz is a division of Angiolife Healthcare private limited which is an ISO certified pharma company whose production takes place under WHO and GMP certified units. The company tends to follow all the strict quality guidelines laid down by the Indian Medical Association. As a pharma company, you will meet with the number of manufacturing companies and therefore choosing the best is a difficult task. HerboAnz  is the leading Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in Baddi who commits to providing the best pharma manufacturing services. Our company is mostly preferred for manufacturing because of its best product labeling, packaging, quality, and distribution.


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Lifepure Labs – Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

If you are looking to collaborate with a good pharma franchise company the Lifepure Labs is the best. Our company is an ISO certified company with self owned GMP-WHO certified units. We have hundreds of pharmaceuticals drugs available for PCD franchise all round India that you can rejoice. The PCD pharma franchise business opportunities are genuine and you could be a part of our venture in any state.

pcd franchise

We have tried covered all the states to cities and towns in our business venture. Already, 250+ people are connected with company who fully appreciated and rejoiced our franchise opportunity near them.

About Lifepure Labs – Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Chandigarh based company, started in the year 2008, Lifepure Labs has grown immensely as a trusted name in the market. We may be young but our spirit full of wisdom. These all are credited to the expert team that our company has in research and development. Our human capital has worked hard to get high quality drug formulation being developed, produced and maintained at best environment.

We have strongly aimed at meeting the regular and growing demands of the patients across the globe. Better healthcare services at ease of price are the goal at Lifepure Labs. To attain our goals, our company has always been ethical in terms of working. We embrace efficient techniques to deliver our service. We strongly recommend in what we believe that there no short cut to success but perseverance. Thus, we take no chances when it comes to your health and life.

Lifepure Labs also undertakes third party contract manufacturing.

Quality Drug Medicines & Pharma Products For Pharma Franchise & PCD Franchise

Here at Lifepure Labs, you will always enjoy quality drugs. Each of the drug unit is developed under the guidance of experts who have years of good experience. Pure ingredients and extracts are used in the making with no compromise with quality. We have adopted best quality control and assurance standards to check the efficiency, safety and durability of the drugs. Here you will enjoy DCGI approved drug. We deal in the following drug formulations.

1. Tablets, Capsules & Caplets
2.Oral Dry Syrups
3. Derma Range like Ointments, Oils, Creams, Soaps etc.
4. Oral liquids (Syrup & Oral Suspension)
5. Soft Gelatin Capsules/ Sofgtels Caps
6. Injectable (Parenterals)
7. Oral Sachets & Powders
8. Herbal/ Ayurvedic Medicine Tonics etc.

Marketing Support To Our Pharma Franchise Associates

Good sales can be achieved through good marketing and promotion. Lifepure Labs always encourages their members for enhancing their ways of promoting their business for good sales. Our pharma franchise members get a wide list of promotional tools to market their products. Here are a few of the following:

  • Marketing Bag
  • Pharma Products Promotional Literatures
  • Final Sample With Products
  • Chemist Order Book
  • Free Sample Kits
  • Product Lists (with medicines/ drug description, rates, quantity, etc)
  • Company Letterhead
  • Promotional Gifts like Calendars, Pens, & Diaries
  • Detailed Visual-Aid
  • Sample Cover For Products For Medical Professionals etc.
  • Come Become A Part of Goriwng pharma Company in India for Better Opportunity

Becoming a part of our company will bring you better opportunities in the market that you can rejoice. Many people have joined us as our PCD franchise and are living a good career in this sector. You couls be also with them and lead the life you always wanted. Here are the benefits of being our associate:

  • You will be offered monopoly rights for business operation.
  • Wide space for business is a promise.
  • Attractive incentives & bonus on regular basis.
  • Free of cost promotional tools items.
  • Good profit margin to all the PCD franchise members etc.

At, Lifepure Labs, we promise to provide you with better PCD franchise deals in the market. Incase, you want to know more then simply visit



Top 10 PCD Companies offering pcd franchise in Karnataka 

Top 10 PCD Companies offering pcd franchise in Karnataka

Top 10 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Karnataka – Looking for the list of top and best pharmaceutical companies in Karnataka top pharma franchise pcd companies in Chandigarh, Baddi, IndiaThe Gulbarga , Chikmagalur , Dharwad , Uttara Kannada , Koppal , Mysore , Bagalkot , Gadag , Bellary , Kodagu , Hassan , Kolar , Belgaum , Mandya , Tumkur , Davanagere , Shimoga , Raichur , Udupi , Bangalore Rural , Chitradurga , Chamarajanagar , Haveri , Bidar , Bijapur , Bangalore , Dakshina Kannada , districts in region in Karnataka has scope for some of the best and reputed Pharmaceutical company in whole Karnataka and India. PCD business follows genuine schemes which have helped the masses across the nation to build their own business. it is genuine and reasonable in all terms. All you need is an eye to choose the best PCD Company for business in Karnataka. In this post, we have discussed the top 10 PCD pharma company offering pcd franchise in Karnataka. There are many famous pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributing company in Karnataka with whom you can connect yourself. The pharmaceutical companies like etc are which you can choose for your investment. Connecting with pharma company and choosing the best pharmaceutical industry can be challenging for anyone. Just to make it easy for you, here we have a complete list of top PCD pharma franchise in Karnataka which you can choose and invest your money.

1. Vasolife Healthcare (Best Pharmaceutical Franchise Firm Karnataka)

Vasolife Healthcare is a famous and reputed pharmaceutical company in Karnataka. These products are known for their effectiveness and fast results. This company can be a good option for you if you are looking for the best results.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka manufacturing in Karnataka.

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Website :


2. Medilente Pharma Pvt Ltd. (Franchise Pharma Company in Karnataka)

The Medilente Pharma Pvt Ltd. is certified Propaganda cum distributorship franchise company offering genuine deals of propaganda cum distributorship in all the states of India. Medilente Pharma Pvt Ltd. has been engaged in GMP & WHO manufacturing and trading of 500+ pharmaceutical drugs through pharmaceutical franchise business plans. Being a client is worthy of investment as the company garners good profitable turnover which means better profit margin in the business. The wide area under control, monopoly agreements rights, promotional tools are some of the benefits with the addition to great professional behavior and support from the company itself.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka manufacturing in Karnataka.

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Address : PLot No. 357-A, Ist Floor, Industrial Area, Phase -1, Panchkula (Haryana)
Website :


3. EDMUND HEALTHCARE PVT LTD (Best Pharma Company in Karnataka)

The second place in our list of best PCD company in Karnataka goes to EDMUND HEALTHCARE PVT LTD. EDMUND HEALTHCARE PVT LTD is a well-known name in Karnataka which offers a wide list of pharmaceuticals drugs and medicines at very affordable rates. The material used in the making of every product is of superior quality whether it is packaging or material.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka manufacturing in Karnataka.

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Website :


4. Hauz Pharma Pvt Ltd (Reputed Pharmaceutical Company Karnataka)

Hauz Pharma Pvt Ltd is one of the best Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Karnataka that caters the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical products and medicines. Hauz Pharma Pvt Ltd have set up an innovative infrastructure with the best team that delivers the services and products at the right time.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka manufacturing in Karnataka.

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Address : 303, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Panchkula
Website :


5. Orville Biotek (Top Monopoly Pharma PCD Franchise Company in Karnataka)

Orville Biotek is Yamuna Nagar based pharmaceutical company which deals in Pharma manufacturing and PCD Franchise Business. It is one of the rapidly growing pharmaceutical formulations manufacturing, marketing, and export oriented company. Manufacturing and marketing of quality pharmaceutical formulations affordable to the Indian masses and having global quality is our motto it. So Orville Biotek is top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka .

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Website :


6. Exmed Health Care (Reputed Pharmaceutical Company Karnataka)

Exmed Health Care is one of the best Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Karnataka that caters the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical products and medicines. Exmed Health Care have set up an innovative infrastructure with the best team that delivers the services and products at the right time.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka manufacturing in Karnataka.

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Address : OPP. Children Traffic Park, 12-13-14 Railly, Sector 12-A, Panchkula (Haryana)-134113.
Website :


7. Huckels Lab (Top pharmaceutical industry in Karnataka)

Huckels Lab manufactures a wide range of medicines for pharma franchise pcd in India. Huckels Lab is a leading manufacturer of pharma medicines with head office in Chandigarh in India. Huckels Lab believes in fulfilling the social responsibilities, maintaining the core values and extending support to the society beyond the business motives. As a top pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Karnataka, Huckels Lab has a genuine endeavour to alleviate the sufferings of mankind and make the medicines available to all at affordable prices. Huckels Lab do so without any discrimination and strive to improve the quality of the drugs. Huckels Lab is most polular for list of pharmaceutical companies in mumbai, pharmaceutical factories in india, top pharma companies in mumbai, cgmp practices, list of best pharmaceutical companies in india, medicine manufacturing companies in india, .

Huckels Lab is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka .

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Address : SCF 223, 1st & 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh- 160101, India
Website :


8. PCD Pharma Company (Major pharmaceutical company in Karnataka)

PCD Pharma Company – a pharma marketing company with a group turnover of crores, forging ahead in #STATE. PCD Pharma Company organisation has metamorphosed , to one of the fastest growing companies in Karnataka. Within a short span of time, company has spread from one state in Chandigarh to all. Starting with mere few brands, today PCD Pharma Company markets 200+ fast moving brands , practically covering all segments of medicine including anti-biotics, anti-oxidants, cardiovasculars, anti-diabetics, cough syrups, multi vitamins and analgesics. PCD Pharma Company is also famous for pcd medicine company, all pharma company in mumbai, gmp principles, third party manufacturing company, 3rd party manufacturing pharmaceuticals, top 20 pharma companies in india, .

PCD Pharma Company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka .

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Address : Chandigarh, Mohali, Paanchkula, Baddi (Himachal Belt)
Website :


9. Zenacts Pharma (Top Monopoly Pharma PCD Franchise Company in Karnataka)

Zenacts Pharma is Chandigarh based pharmaceutical company which deals in Pharma manufacturing and PCD Franchise Business. It is one of the rapidly growing pharmaceutical formulations manufacturing, marketing, and export oriented company. Manufacturing and marketing of quality pharmaceutical formulations affordable to the Indian masses and having global quality is our motto it. So Zenacts Pharma is top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Karnataka.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka .

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Address : #434, 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh – 160 101
Website :


10. XANOCIA LIFESCIENCES (Top PCD Firm in Karnataka)

XANOCIA LIFESCIENCES is one of the best pharmaceutical franchise company in Karnataka. It deals in trading and wholesaling of a wide range of Pharmaceutical products and medicines. They use the high-quality technologies to manufacture a certain product. For more details, you can visit their website.

The company is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka manufacturing in Karnataka.

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Address : SCF 410, Ist & 2nd Floor Motor Market,Manimajra Chandigarh- 160101
Website :


11. Angiolife Healthcare (Largest pharma company in Karnataka)

Angiolife Healthcare is a Chandigarh based pharmaceutical company, established with the vision of making world class affordable medicines. Angiolife Healthcare is a research driven forward looking pharmaceutical company with expertise in development of various finished dosage. Since its inception , Angiolife Healthcare has been focused to manufacture an extensive spectrum of pharmaceutical formulation products. Angiolife Healthcare is also famous for top pharma companies in world, top 20 pharma companies, best medicine company in india, top 10 pharma companies in india, no 1 pharma company in world, top pharmaceutical companies 2016 in india, .

Angiolife Healthcare is offering PCD Franchise in Karnataka and Third Party Manufacturing in Karnataka .

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Address : Angiolife Healthcare Pvt Ltd, SCF 410, 1st & 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh – 160101
Website :


Conclusion : Karnataka based PCD franchise business is a good way to have the best flourishing business. Karnataka is one of the major region to provide young entrepreneurs a chance to have their own fortune. PCD is one of the chances! The above are the 10 top know and reputed PCD Pharmaceutical company offering franchise in Karnataka , India which offers quality service and PCD business deals to its clients.

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What Actually Is PCD Pharma Franchise Business?

PCD is an abbreviation of Propaganda Cum Distribution. This is a marketing term in Pharmaceuticals. The business offers opportunities of mutual growth for both Pharma Company & Distributors. Franchise is defines as the legal right given a company or organization to other party. The right is given to sell their product in a given area or location as stated in the agreement. The business format of PCD is new to the industry. It is one of the most flourishing businesses planning which is being adopted by millions globally. The PCD Business is similar to Pharma franchise. The main difference between them is the size of business. PCD works on the smaller units with less area, investment, no target etc. On the other hand, Pharma franchise works on larger units with large investment, area of operation, target etc. Things To Looks Before Choosing The Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company Here are some tips on how to choose the best pharmaceuticals company for PCD franchise which will be helpful in making the best decision for you: 1. Select a trustable and genuine company is the top most priority. There are many fake Pharma companies and you would like to be a part of this ugly scam. So, choose wisely. Try to know about the company history and about the company behavior to its franchise clients. 2. Seek views from people like employees, clients audits etc who have worked with them in order to know the company personally. There are many cases when a franchise client was terminated and replaced with a high bidder for the same without intimation. 3. The goodwill of the company is an important factor to see as this will the estimation of returns and profits that you can expect from a franchise. 4. Appealing and attractive name can help you land in a situation with better demand buildup. Well, difficult names are forgotten with time. 5. Availability of products, their attractiveness and quality should not be altered. The business is all about their sales which will help you gain results. Many times company offer fake list, so beware of them. 6. Every company has terms and conditions which can be in fully/ partially or not in favor of you. Thus, listing 5 to t companies helps you choose better. 7. Ask the arte and profit margin which is different from company to company. Better the profit margin is, it is better for you and your business. Certifications Acquired By The Pharma Company Verification and certain certification are important as they mark the quality standards, norms and regulation they have been following and serving which are as follows: · Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approvals · Drug License No. (D.L.) Number and Tax Identification Number (TIN) · Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) authorization. · Good Manufacturing Products (GMP) confirmation for the manufacturing units and plants. · ISO 9001:2008 · World Health Organization (WHO)



What is PCD in pharma and how we can choose a good PCD pharma franchise?

PCD Pharma business is growing enormously in India. The one who is looking for best PCD deals in India can achieve considerably the best profits. They are genuine and affordable when it comes to market risks and investment planning.



How do I Start Pharma Franchise or PCD?

Looking forward for starting your own business in Pharma Franchise or Monopoly PCD? Well Pharma Franchise or PCD Is one of the best and profitable business for now a days. M any of the people are now looking forward for this type of business due to its unlimited benefits. If you want to know about the benefits of starting your own Pharma franchise business!!! Documents Needed To Apply PCD Franchise From A Pharma Company It a pharma business! You will need to own certain list of documents which are compulsory to submit it to the main Pharma Franchise Company before you apply for Franchise: Copy of rent agreement of your premises if taken on lease or rent. In case you own it, a copy of blue print. Legal Drug license (Central Drug Standard Control Organization/State Drug Standard Control Organization provides it) PAN number from Income Tax department Registration copy of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) contract with attestation from partners (conditional) GST Registration


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Orville Biotek – Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company

pcd franchise in chandigarhOrville Biotek is one of the most trusted and reliable pharma company for Monopoly Franchise business in India. The Company market and develop the wide range of high quality branded drugs. Orville Biotek produces its own API’s and offers wide product range at the affordable prices. This is one of the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India to associate.

Orville Biotek is Yamuna Nagar (near Chandigarh-Baddi-Himachal region) based pharmaceutical company that is offering PCD franchise in all over India. With the team of highly qualified and experienced staff, Orville Biotek provide the innovative and effective pharma products to all its associates. Under the strict observation of quality management team products are manufactured and delivered to customers across the country.

Visit us at and submit query online.



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Top 10 PCD Pharmaceutical Companies in Chandigarh

pcd-franchise in chandigarh

Top 10 PCD Companies in Chandigarh – Are you in the search for the best PCD franchise companies in Chandigarh? If yes, then this is certainly the most appropriate place to be in. Pharma is one of the fastest growing sectors in our country which provides numerous benefits to the ones in providing service and customers. So we are going to share the list of PCD pharma companies in Chandigarh which provide franchise business opportunity.

Top PCD company in Chandigarh

There are sure thousands of PCD companies but not all of them are worth your attention and investment. When it comes to the pharma companies, it becomes really important to trust on the most reputed ones. Therefore to save you from the effort we will discuss the best bets companies in PCD.

List Of Best PCD companies in Chandigarh 2017 -2018

Chandigarh is India’s best-planned city to live in according to a popular survey and this also becomes the reason to choose a PCD company in Chandigarh. Most of these companies also offer franchise opportunity so this also opens the door for you in terms of job and career. Below listed are the most reputed PCD companies in Chandigarh.


Xanocia Lifesciences : 

Xanocia Lifesciences is yet another most famous and reputed pcd pharma franchise companies in Chandigarh that is known to manufacture and supply the best products. This company was established in the year 2012 and now deals in manufacturing and supplying the high -quality pharmaceutical formulation. For more information do not forget to visit their website.

Address : SCF- 410, 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101

Website :


Angiolife Healthcare

This is among the top PCD Pharmaceutical companies in Chandigarh. They use the best methods and technologies for manufacturing the products. This company makes sure that the right products are being delivered to the right person. It is an easy choice for anyone. You can visit their website.

Address :  SCF- 410, 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101

Website :


Huckels Lab :

Huckels Labs (Best Pharma Company in Chandigarh) is  one of the best companies that are also ISO certified which makes it even more reputable in the Pharma industry. It was established in the year 2017. They are the best manufacturer, supplier, trader and distributor quality assured ranges of Pharmaceutical Medicines. To know more about this company do not forget to visit their website.

Address : SCF 223, First & 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101

Website :



Exmed Healthcare

Exmed Healthcare (Top Pharma Franchise Company Chandigarh) is one of the best manufacturing company in Chandigarh that deals in manufacturing, trading, wholesaling and supplying a wide array of Pharmaceutical Medicines & Injections. Not only this, they have further so many benefits too. To know more about them browse their official website.

Address : Rally, Sector – 12A , Panchkula.

Website :


Zenacts Pharma

This is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Chandigarh that is still giving tough competition to the young companies, It was established in the year 2011. They are an efficient manufacturer and supplier of a quality assured assortment of Pharmaceutical Tablets & Pharmaceutical Capsules, Syrups, Creams, Injectables, Ointments, Face Wash. For more details visit their website.

Address :  

Chandigarh : #434, 2nd Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh – 160 101, INDIA.

Panchkula : Plot No. 198, Basement & First Floor, Ind. Area, Phase -2, Panchkula (Haryana) ,INDIA.

Website :


Medilente Pharma

This is recently growing fast pharmaceutical company in chandigarh offering pcd franchise and third party manufacturing from its manufacturing units located in Baddi which are GMP / WHO certified.

Address :  PLot No. 357-A, Ist Floor, Industrial Area, Phase -1, Panchkula (Haryana).

Website :


Note : These companies also deal with third party manufacturing / contract manufacturing services.


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Huckels Lab – Top PCD Franchise in Chandigarh

For PCD pharma in Chandigarh or thirdparty manufacturing  enquiry feel free to contact us at

We are one of the leading suppliers of Pharma Products, Healthcare Products, Neutraceuticals and Herbal Products on PCD Basis all over the country. We are looking for young and dynamic people to join us as business associates and to be part of this growing company. We continues to maintain a leadership position in the domestic contract manufacturing sphere for pharmaceutical industry and has made significant inroads in its area of operation.

In PCD, the company generally offer smaller areas and starting orders with lower sales targets. The franchisee needn’t have a prior extensive experience or large investment potential either please note this doesn’t imply lack of experience, investment potential, starting order and sales targets. Compared to a Pharma franchise, the PCD franchise is relaxed on these.

All goods are purchased against cash payment from the company or appointed Distributors. As leading contract manufacturer in northern India with state of the art manufacturing facilities in tax free zone, with commitment towards working collaboratively with our customers.

We also offer PCD Pharma Franchise / Third Party Manufacturing enquiry feel free to contact us at


Welcome To  XANOCIA LIFESCIENCES |  PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh

PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh – We are glad to introduce ourselves as a fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Chandigarh with wide range of products including tablets, capsules , syrup , dry syrup ,powder and inject able. We also deal in Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma franchise business.

We XANOCIA LIFESCIENCES are a pharmaceutical company established in 2011 focus on providing healthcare solutions that have a positive impart on peoples well being. It is our mission to manufacture innovative and affordable drugs to serve the healthcare needs of patients and their family.

Our core purpose is “bringing hope to life through research and serve for healthy life’’ . We are committed to deliver products that help people enjoy longer healthier and more productive lives.

We aim to key player in the pharmaceutical market to help build a future that continues to bring hope to life through meaningful research.

Our products are being manufactured at our own associated plants using top quality raw material and international standard packing material. Products are being manufactured BY WHO AND GMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturing units (having well equipped laboratories), in the excise free zones in India. We offer most competitive prices to our franchisees with committed delivery .

Through this mail we are initiating discussion for offering you FRANCHISE Go our company. A copies of the product list and product card are attached. Our payments terms are on advanced basis .Incentives, schemes , bonus will be finalized mutually. We provide the best pharma franchise in Chandigarh & all top cities & states of India. So you can approach us for PCD Franchise / Pharma franchise for you target locations.

Looking for PCD Franchise in Chandigarh, visit us at